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Amazing New Spiral Fill feature in Version 14

Be sure to take a look at the new Spiral Fill stitch available in Pulse Signature Version 14. This spectacular stitch effect not only produces memorable designs, but can also fill large areas using very few stitches, letting your designs make a bold statement while keeping costs in check.

Creating a Spiral Fill design is easy. Simply convert an artwork shape to Spiral Fill or draw your own. Add a simple Steil border to finish it off perfectly. By default, Spiral Fill fills from the center point of the design outwards. By merely changing the start point of the segment, you can achieve an entirely new look to the design.

Use Spiral Fill to fill negative space in an interesting way and create a completely new look to the design. Play with the spacing between Spiral Fill lines to achieve the exact look you need.

Create interesting text effects with True Type fonts using Spiral Fill. With just a fraction of the stitches, you can produce stand-out text that is completely unique. Play with the segment start point and spiral spacing to produce wildly different results with the same lettering.

If you are creative and daring, create your own Spiral Fill pattern and use it to produce one-of-a-kind results. Patterns can be saved and used in any future designs.

Spiral Fill is new for Version 14 and is standard in Maestro level.

Pulse introduces Version 14: a brand new version that enhances the embroidery creation process and makes it Faster. Better. Easier.

A gorgeous combination of brains and beauty, Version 14 has plenty of compelling reasons for you to update. It is powerful, elegant and easy to use, and has great new features that help you maximize efficiency with minimal effort. Click here for details

Another set of industry firsts for Pulse: Fur Stitch and Color Blended Fonts

The recent release of version 13.1 to some markets includes amazing new features that are a first in the industry. The new Fur Stitch, developed in conjunction with expert digitizers who routinely create animal designs, takes away hours of manual effort required to make these stitches, and instead makes the creation of animal fur an easy process. This feature greatly impressed all distributors and customers who saw it at the IMB show in Germany. In addition, there are other new features in version 13.1: E-Stitch, Cascade Fill, Bar code reading, Color Blend fonts, Creating Coiling and Taping designs, and more. Click here for details

Pulse Signature: Get the intelligence working for you

The vector capability is unrivaled and the advanced automated features are true time savers. These are merely a few of the reasons to work with Pulse Signature. Spend just one day working with Pulse Signature and you will understand why it is the best embroidery creation software available.

Stunning Sequin fonts add a sparkle to lettering

Specially digitized for Sequin lettering, these Script and Block fonts will create stunning Sequin Lettering with ease. You don't need to buy the Sequin tool to create Sequin lettering, and you have all the control you need to sew the font just the way you want..

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